VTV Stereo Amplifier based on Hypex NCore NC252MP

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NEW Stereo VTV Amplifier with Hypex NC252MP module.  

30 Day Trial —– Two Year Warranty —- Assembled in the USA

Prompt Support from the USA

NC252MP Datasheet Here

This is a brand new amplifier featuring:

—Stereo output: 250W per channel

—fully balanced design

—EMI/RFI filtered AC inlet

—Heavy, custom designed aluminum case with blue LED pilot.  (LED may be dimmed or shut-off by switch)

–8″W x 11″D (not including speaker posts) x 3.125″H    6.7lbs

Contact me with custom options:  I can build mono or stereo amplifiers for you with almost all Hypex NCore modules.  These can be configured as mono blocks or even four channel (using two NC502MP modules)

Additional information

12V Trigger


2 reviews for VTV Stereo Amplifier based on Hypex NCore NC252MP

  1. Bill Bailey (verified owner)

    This VTV NC252MP amp is excellent and has exceeded my expectations. Class C amps in the past have had bright or shrill highs and a “dry” mid-midrange in some cases — this is not the case with this amp.

    Transparency is superb, I’d say the best I’ve heard even compared to amps I’ve owned costing several times its price. The midrange is natural, not dry on the one hand, nor colored on the other (like many tube amps). Bass and dynamics are at least comparable with my amps costing several times as much.

    The assembly of my VTV amp was impeccable in practical terms. You shouldn’t expect “frills” like a custom case at this price.

  2. Mitch S. (verified owner)

    I purchased a Hypex NCore NC252MP amp from VTV and have now had it for about a month.

    Starting off with a summary, it is a great amp at a great price.

    There are a number of sources for Hypex amps but most of them ship from overseas You can also buy the modules themselves from Hypex in the Netherlands, a case from another source, and assemble one yourself. VTV, out of Ohio, offers fully assembled amps. VTV is the way to go if you live in the US and are interested in one of these amps and want quick delivery without having to put it together yourself.

    VTV amps are built to order but mine arrived in less than a week. The cases are basically the same no matter which amp module you choose — mine has a small “NCore” label on the bottom left of the front panel, but otherwise all the VTVs look the same. Mine is nice looking from the exterior. I also took a quick peek inside and the assembly was neat and carefully done.

    The amp only has XLR inputs, but RCA to XLR cables are readily available. There is also a blue “on” light on the front panel. Underneath the front panel is a switch that sets two brightness levels for the LED or turns it off.

    The VTV is replacing my Bel Canto C5i in my system. At 250 w/ch (4 ohm) and 150 w/ch (8 ohm), the VTV has basically double the power of my Bel Canto. (It should be noted the Bel Canto C5i is an integrated amp with a built in DAC and a phono preamp while the VTV is a straight power amp.)

    The sound? It is excellent — clean, dynamic, transparent and balanced. My speakers, Ohm 1000s, are notoriously power hungry. At 6 ohms, my C5i delivered roughly 90 watts a channel. I’d told myself that was enough as my listening level rarely exceeds 85 dB or so. However, I think the extra power of the VTV works to its advantage in my situation. The VTV is just a little cleaner on dynamic peaks when the volume is up. Bass is solid, the midrange clear, and the highs clear with no sense of stridency. I am very pleased with the amplifier and would not hesitate to recommend VTV to anyone interested in a great amp.

    I don’t get too wrapped up over minute differences between equipment — I find the variance in recording quality vastly more dramatic than the difference between most electronics — but if you are in the market for a powerful amp at a great price, these VTV models are worth exploring.

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