VTV Amplifier models offering NCore Modules with separate Hypex power supplies.  These are available with factory buffers (most economical) or for the highest sonic quality, using the VTV Custom Input Buffer. NCore is the Hypex flagship line offering the highest level sonic performance.  Coupled with the VTV Custom Input Buffer, these amplifier modules will outperform amplifiers and many times the price.

All amps come with a path to upgrade.  You can purchase the basic unit now with Hypex factory buffer and decide to upgrade at a later date all while preserving your initial investment.  Please inquire for details.


We offer FREE SHIPPING, a 30 day trial and 2 Year warranty on all of our builds.

Some of the features and options:

–German WBT output connections (optional)

–Belden silver tinned internal wiring (standard)

–Custom VTV Input Buffer using a range of discrete opamps from Sparkos, Sonic Imagery and Weiss (optional)

—Delta EMI/RFI line filter (standard)