VTV Amplifier is a custom builder of the latest generation of Class D amplifiers.  As an authorized dealer for Hypex, PASCAL A/S and Purifi-Audio, we can customize a design for your specific application.  From the economical, integrated MP series NCore modules, ideal for home theater or multiway speakers to high end NCore and Purifi-Audio modules suitable for studio monitoring or high-end home systems, we can build the ideal amplification package for you.


We offer FREE SHIPPING,  a 30-day trial and 2 Year warranty on all of our builds. 

Prompt support is available in the USA.


Some of the features and options:

  • German WBT ouput connections (optional)
  • Belden silver tinned internal wiring (standard)
  • VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer using a range of discrete opamps from Sparkos, Sonic Imagery and Weiss (optional)
  • Many models can be upgraded to include our custom input buffer at a later date, preserving your investment
  • Delta EMI/RFI line filter (standard)
  • Multi-channel amplifier designs available
  • VTV Amplifier is a dealer for Sparkos, Sonic Imagery and Weiss