Hypex describes their latest offering:

NCORE® evolved into NCOREx® where the added x stands for eXceptional. While working on our brand new Nilai® technology, it became apparent that it would be relatively simple to improve the existing NCORE®-technology by a factor two. And that is exactly what we did. We therefore regard NCOREx® as an NCORE® evolution rather than a new development. Nevertheless, this evolution ensures that NCOREx® is a worthy and future-proof successor to NCORE®.

All amps come with a path to upgrade.  You can purchase the basic unit now with Hypex factory buffer and decide to upgrade at a later date all while preserving your initial investment.  Please inquire for details.


We offer FREE SHIPPING, a 30 day trial and 2 Year warranty on all of our builds.

Some of the features and options:

–German WBT output connections (optional)

–Belden silver tinned internal wiring (standard)

–Custom VTV Input Buffer using a range of discrete opamps from Sparkos, Sonic Imagery and Weiss (optional)

—Delta EMI/RFI line filter (standard)