Mola Mola

VTV is proud to be an authorized dealer for Bruno’s “other” project:




We are frequently asked what source components are best for use with our VTV Amplifiers.  Now we can confidently say we have found the perfect pairing. Designed to the same ultimate low distortion standard of Hypex and Purifi,  Mola Mola also offers the ultimate in flexibility.


Why Mola Mola?  While definitely not the lowest cost option, Mola Mola offers no compromise for those seeking the ultimate in sonic purity and realism.    The Makua preamp is also uniquely flexible with electronic routing of all inputs and an optional DAC (the same quality as the Tambaqui).  For vinyl enthusiasts, the optional phono section offers amazing features including a built-in library of phono EQ curves, all adjustable on the fly.  The Makua, serving as DAC, Phono stage, Streamer and Pre-amp, can be the heart of the finest two channel systems.


The Tambaqui DAC like the Makua (with DAC option) can serve as a ROON endpoint.   It can be a stand-alone source for an all-digital system.  




See this comparison of the Tambaqui versus the dCS Bartok