VTV AMPLIFIER Stereo Purifi Audio 1ET400A Amplifier with VTV Vacuum Tube Buffer

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“Fans of valvular verity will absolutely love the richness and body of the VTV’s midrange and will feel right at home with the impressive height and depth of the very palpable soundstage…….I consider this amplifier a can’t lose value!” 

—Stu McCreary, Positive-Feedback 2020 Writer’s Choice Award

NEW Stereo VTV Amplifier with Purifi-Audio 1ET400A modules and VTV Custom Vacuum Tube Buffers

Designed by Andrew Sparks of Sparkos Labs, the VTV Vacuum Tube Buffer features a direct coupled dual triode driving a four transistor Wilson current mirror.  The output of the current mirror feeds an I to V converter stage featuring dual discrete opamp.  The board is compatible with almost any dual (or two single) opamps we offer…contact us for substitution.  There are NO capacitors in the signal path.

See Purifi-Audio DATASHEET here.

VTV Purifi Manual here


This is a brand new amplifier featuring:


—Vacuum Tube Buffer using 6922 vacuum tube….rich sound and full sound that delivers warm tube sonics.


—Hypex SMPS1200A400 power supply (this is the power supply used by Purifi to demo their modules)

—fully balanced design

—EMI/RFI filtered AC inlet

—MOGAMI input wiring standard

—25K ohm input impedance


—Heavy, custom designed aluminum case with blue LED pilot.  (LED may be dimmed or shut-off by switch)

—Silver-coated speaker output wiring with TFE jacket

—2 Year Warranty

–12.25″W x 13″D (not including speaker posts) x 4.25″H  W:14 lbs


Thomas Tan Review of VTV 1ET400A with Vacuum Tube Buffer:


Additional information

12V Trigger


Opamp Selection

Sparkos 3602, Sparkos 2590, New ClassD Double MK II, Sonic Imagery 994, Sonic Imagery 995 FET, Sonic Imagery 990, Weiss OP2-BP, OPA1612

Speaker Terminal Option

Binding Posts, SPEAKON Connectors, WBT-0702 Topline, WBT-0703-Cu

4 reviews for VTV AMPLIFIER Stereo Purifi Audio 1ET400A Amplifier with VTV Vacuum Tube Buffer

  1. Victor (verified owner)

    Quietest, most effortless amp I’ve ever heard. Quiet in terms of zero distortion, extremely high signal to noise ratio, zero signal alteration. Just pure music. Late at night, during the quietest hours of the 24 hour period, I even held my ear to the speaker with no music playing, and could hear zero hiss. This amp is scary good. It’s a keeper.
    Another reviewer mentioned that it competes with FET amps many times the cost. I would agree. And it always runs cool. FET amps you can toast bread on top even when they are not playing music.
    The cabinet is of exceptional quality and comprises most of the 15 pounds of weight. Two suggestions for improvement 1) the speaker terminals are mounted just above the balanced inputs. If you have extra stiff high quality speaker cable spades, it’s difficult to attach them when the balanced cables are plugged in. With ample real estate on the rear panel why not space them out more. 2) My preamp does not have a 12v trigger output so I did not order that upgrade for this amp. The Teac UD-505 DAC/ Preamp times out and powers down when there is no music signal for a 10 minute stretch. Most modern active speakers behave the same way. Perhaps a timer option should be offered for the VTV line of amplifiers.

  2. Ty M (verified owner)

    Amazing amp, I got the 2 channel Purifi version with tube buffer. Easily as good if not better than amps I’ve had 2-3x the price. Highly recommend, and Warren with his customer service is top notch!

  3. Tom Brennan (verified owner)

    I have really clean sources (DSD, hi-end Vinyl, a top-notch CDT & DACs both in my X8500H(A) and external), I’ve been running the VTV Purifi w/Sparkos 2590s for a year now and I can throw anything at them and they just perform magnificently! Super quite, runs cool, great sonics, no incredible sonics with any speaker I throw at them (Magies, KLH Model 5’s, Warfdales, KEFs! Great sound-stage/imaging, base response, great mids/highs and the tube buffer just smooths everything without affecting clarity. Crystal Clear! Everything said above and then some – Just WOW! Get this amp, you will never look back! Warren (the owner) is the best and very approachable and helpful. Thank you.

  4. J Prazak (verified owner)

    Got the Purifi + tube buffer version, Sparkos 2590. Paired with my PS Audio BHK Preamp and KEF LS 50 Metas makes an amazing combo. You get it all with this amp. Smoothness along with clarity without harshness in the bass/mids and highs. Super happy with this amp.

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