VTV Amplifier Custom Vacuum Tube Input Buffer — NEW!



The outstanding quality of Class D amps has many customers switching to Class D from vacuum tubes.   This actually describes me.  I have been a lifelong tube amplifier enthusiast.  So I developed the VTV Custom Tube Buffer for those looking for a warmer and more tube-like presentation that showcases smooth, warm mids along with a holographic sound stage—– the VTV Custom Tube Buffer is now available!

Designed by Andrew Sparks of Sparkos labs, the buffer features a direct coupled dual triode driving a four transistor Wilson current mirror.   The output of the current mirror feeds an I to V converter stage featuring the Sparkos 3602 dual discrete opamp as standard.   The board is compatible with almost any dual (or two single) opamps.   There are NO capacitors in the signal path.

The VTV Tube Buffer is compatible with all NCore and Purifi models and installs just like the standard VTV Custom Buffer.


–Fully powered by the SMPS Power supply.

–Accepts 6922, 6DJ8 or E88C vacuum tube.  Opamp choice is also flexible.

–Board includes Genalex Gold Lion 6922 Gold Pin tube and Sparkos SS3602 OpAmp.

–High-end Sparkos low noise 15V regulators.

–No capacitors in signal path

–Board form-factor makes it possible to upgrade existing Hypex or VTV Custom buffers.

–Dimensions:  3.15″wide x 4.415″long.   Ht with tube on 10mm standoffs: 2-3/4″

Priced as single channel board, two needed for stereo operation.

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