We received two new Hyoex NCx500OEM modules and have been really excited to try them. The new Hypex NCx500module has its own buffer featuring the TI1612OPA opamp. In addition you can see the high performance voltage regulators Hypex includes as standard equipment. It also has an engaged LED indicator on the end of the board.

To take full advantage of the new board we developed a new front-end. We added RFI decoupling and dialed the input impedance to a friendly 47k. There are some helpful status LEDs on our board.

Before running any listening tests we ran the new boards through our Audio Precision 5x system to get a feel for the specs. Wow! At 50% power (approx 180W @8 ohms) we measured 0.0001 % distortion….among the lowest we have ever measured.

We then tried the new modules running midrange in our active system on Volt 3.5” domed mid (500-4K). When compared to the Purifi 1ET-7040SA running New ClassD opamp, the midrange showed similar delicacy and smoothness….impressive given it can deliver twice the power. We will do more in-depth comparisons soon.

We have the new modules on order and expect them soon!