VTV AMPLIFIER Stereo Purifi Audio 1ET400A Amplifier

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NEW Stereo VTV Amplifier with Purifi-Audio 1ET400A modules.  


See Purifi-Audio DATASHEET here.

See VTV Purifi Manual here


This is a brand new amplifier featuring:


—Multiple Input Buffer Options


—Hypex SMPS1200A400 power supply (this is the power supply used by Purifi to demo their modules)

—fully balanced design

—EMI/RFI filtered AC inlet

—Hypex NCore high-end input cable

—Heavy, custom designed aluminum case with blue LED pilot.  (LED may be dimmed or shut-off by switch)

—Silver-coated speaker output wiring with TFE jacket

—2 Year Warranty

–12.25″W x 13″D (not including speaker posts) x 4.25″H  W:14 lbs

Additional information

Input Buffer

Stock Hypex Factory Buffer, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/o OpAmp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ Sparkos Labs SS3602, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ PR Sparkos Labs SS2590 Pro Opamp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ PR Sonic Imagery Labs 995FET Pro Opamp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ PR Sonic Imagery Labs 990EnH-Ticha Pro Opamp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ Sonic Imagery Labs 994EnH-Ticha Pro Opamp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ PR Weiss OP2-BA Opamp

12V Trigger

12V Trigger Option, No Trigger (Default)

Binding Post Option

Default Binding Post, WBT-0703Cu NextGen, WBT-0702.01 TopLine

5 reviews for VTV AMPLIFIER Stereo Purifi Audio 1ET400A Amplifier

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    Beautiful clean sound. Much tighter bass and clearer cymbal rings on my Vandersteen speakers than previous amp.

  2. Alan Huth

    Really great sound! Very fast service and Warren answered all my questions. He was very patient and helpful. And his prices are great. This amp is a steal. Have you seen the reviews on AudioScienceReview? You could argue it’s as good as they get without spending many multiples of this price.

  3. anonymous

    The purifi stereo amp is absolutely stunning for the price. It has depth and detail along with clean power such that the cost per watt is truly incredible. Absolutely the best 200+ wpc amp I have tried easily beating the PS Audio and Mytek high power class D offerings which cost double.

  4. Greg G. (verified owner)

    Really enjoying this 1ET400A amplifier! Very smooth, detailed sound. Effortlessly driving a pair of Totem Hawks and Focal Aria 906’s to whatever level I need. Warren is very informative and responds quickly. These amps are a great value – industry proven components and a quality chassis. I will be buying another unit in the very near future!

  5. Michael P. (verified owner)

    So, I have been in audio since 1985 and before when my dad came home from Vietnam with a Sansui 8, dual 1219, and an Akai reel to reel. Over that many years I have gone through a myriad of amps speakers and sources. I am intimately familiar with Class A and AB amps. I have been following the development of Class D for years. I decided to take the jump and look for a good amplifier. I checked out Mytek, Micromega, and Nord. All excellent Class D amps with prices to match. I came across VTV audio and Warren Coleman.
    I did what PhDs do, I researched everything about Class D and learned that Purifi provides their amp modules to the NAD Masters series, Mytek, and a number of other OEMs. I spoke with Warren several times and he explained how Class D works and the buffer modules. I was sold. No hype, no bait and switch, just honest sincere answers. I opted for the Purifi Audio 1ET400A Amplifier with the Sonic Imagery 995fet pro opamp.

    The unit arrived quickly, and I let it “burn in” for a few days and hooked it up to my Parasound P5 pre to Acoustic Energy AE 309s. My sources were my laptop playing Tidal to a Woo Audio WDS-1 non-oversamplefier DAC. I played low volume as the amp puts out 400 wpc. I eased the amp in. Immediate observation is the amp transformed the 309s. Bass output was better, deeper, precise, a revelation. Knocked me on my butt! I did not know the speaker had it in them. The tweeter was about the same in projection with much better presentation of cymbal crashes and brushes, highly detailed and the decay was much better. So, we get to the heart of music, the midrange frequencies. I heard the last knock against Class D was an issue with the midrange; the frequencies would project with a “hollowness” to them, not light, but like a shell without filling. The midrange from the VTV was detailed, succinct, and layered. The frequencies were layered, imaging was much better. Suddenly my M&Ms had filling, my pie was bulging with sweet cherry filling and detail and instrument placement in the field was greatly increased. I was in awe of what my speakers were doing.

    Next, I hooked up my brand-new Fyne Audio F501s. I played a few songs which give me a solid idea of how components do. First, 2Cellos version of Benedictus. The cellos sounded LIKE cellos, the decay in the strings was monstrous. The 501s seemed to float…er, the music seemed to float. Next, I listened to Leonard Cohen’s version of Hallelujah. Cohen’s voice in the rendition changes immensely from relaxed, soft, and clear to a strained, gravely, and deep inflection. He sounded so glorious and clear. Jeez, the F501s are one hell of a speaker! Lastly, I listened to Kinna Grannis rendition of “Can’t help falling in love with you” from Crazy Rich Asians. The kick of this song the way she sings it, the dead air that hangs out in your room. Black is what I heard and saw…BLACK, a void in space. The VTV was absolutely clean and quiet. I kept going, hearing songs for the proverbial first time as professional critics like to say. Muse’s Hysteria is an acid test for bass control and projection and the VTV nailed it, better than any amp I ever heard. Lastly, AC/DC and Thunderstruck. I was a rockin! I listen to music when my emotion drives me, it takes away my pain from many surgeries, therefore I love acoustic guitar and movie instrumentals. I simply listened immersed in the sound. Was not missing my Class AB in any fashion. I put this down to the design of the Purifi and the Sonic Imagery buffers. The VTV is neither war nor sterile, I really think it gives you the intended sound. My system is decidedly budget in the audiophile world, but, I have a very high end budget system that plays beautiful music. I am happy, happy, happy.

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