VTV AMPLIFIER Purifi Eigentakt Stereo Amplifier based on EVAL-1

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VTV Purifi Eigentakt Stereo Amplifier based on Purifi EVAL-1 

Bruno’s Demo Amp that changed the world of Class D amplification

Assembled in the USA — 30 Day Trial — Two Year Warranty

Prompt Support from the USA

EVAL-1  Datasheet Here

This is a brand new amplifier featuring:

—Speakon in addition to banana speaker outputs (just like Bruno’s demo amp)

—EMI/RFI filtered AC inlet

—12V trigger control option available

—Custom designed aluminum case with blue LED pilot.  (LED may be dimmed or shut-off by switch)

–10.25″W x 13″D (not including speaker posts) x 3.625″H    9.0 lbs 

Additional information

12V Trigger

No Trigger (Default), 12V Trigger

14 reviews for VTV AMPLIFIER Purifi Eigentakt Stereo Amplifier based on EVAL-1

  1. Ruud Stet (verified owner)

    I’m New to class d, coming from tubes. So don’t ask me whether purifi better ncore, ice power or the other. I was intrigued by the founder of purifi statig he redid the maths and came up with something quite different. I chose the eval1 version of vtv’s lineup, because I don’t think I need to upgrade opamps.
    The amp sounds super controled , organic, fast and has a soundscape depth and width that betters my €2000 tube amp. Call me impressed. Nice case, very sturdily packaged, fast and knowledgable communicatie with vtv. Believe the hype, I would say.

  2. David Hinson

    Simply sublime. Powerful, clear, quiet, cool-running. Everything it’s advertised to be.

  3. Stuart

    Amazing Amplifier!

    After researching Class D amplifiers I settled on a Purifi Eval-1. Warren was very helpful with the order process and the item was securely shipped. Build quality is good and the sound is all I expected and more.

    Don’t hesitate if you are in the market for one of these.

  4. Mike

    Can’t speak highly enough. I have a number of incredible amps, including the Benchmark AHB2, and so far as I am able to discern with blind tests this one is unsurpassed. Thanks Warren!

  5. TomJ (verified owner)

    I received the EVAL1 in TW today. Everything is outstanding – assembly, packing, quick delivery and of course the sound quality, all so impressive, even better than I expected. Many thanks for all your fine workmanship and attention to detail!

  6. Brannon (verified owner)

    The first one I got was used as a soccer ball by ups and didn’t turn on. Warren sent me a label the same day and had me send it back. Within a day of him receiving the bad one a fixed or new unit (not sure) was on it’s way back to me. As soon as I had it hooked up I played untrue by burial followed by some other well recorded music. My fears of “class d sound” were unfounded. No blaring horn sounds or whatever people have been saying about the stock hypex buffer. Whichever one they use in the eval-1 sounds just right. Super detailed and powerful, balanced sound without anything really standing out. This was my first opportunity to switch from a receiver to my d90 dac with a90 as preamp so the amp wasn’t the only change to be fair. All I can say is the overall effect of zero audible distortion with adequate power has been eye opening and I won’t be able to go back to a receiver again. I will say that this setup also makes bad recording clearer as well so be warned. It won’t be putting any makeup on a pig of a bad sounding song but it won’t make it worse either. I may try the tube input buffer some day if I can afford the upgrade and see if it helps bad recordings out but so far I’m pretty content with what I have. Thanks Warren!

  7. Jay (verified owner)

    Bottom line up front, the Eval-1 is a neutral, highly detailed and a super convenient mult-purpose powerful amplifier. My Eval-1 powers a pair of front channels in a 5.1 home theater and occasional 2-channel listening in that same system. The Eval-1 is fed by single-ended pre-outs of a Marantz NR 1711 a/v receiver. The Marantz takes care of amplifying the rear and center channels. Speakers are all Klipsch. Amplification on the Marantz is traditional class A/B topology, while the Eval-1 is class D. Yet what strikes me as noteworthy is the fact that all the channels integrated seamlesly without any DSP correction. I find it simply amazing and attribute this to the neutral character of the Eval-1. By way of background I am a returning customer having already purchased a pair of mono-block Hypex N Core from VTV for another system in my house – my dedicated stereo rig running Magnepans. Being very content with my prior purchase from both a product quality and customer service standpoint, I already had some idea of what to expect. Warren handled my questions and made very honest recommendations. The Eval-1 should be on anyone’s shortlist if they are seeking a neutral amplifier at reasonable cost, which can blend or pair with quality source and speakers. The option to output on either banana or speakon connectors is a huge plus, especially for use inside cabinets. As is the ability of this amp to run very cool. The 12-volt trigger also works seamlesly, starting without drama on all startups. I would say that makes Eval-1 ideal for use in either 2-channel or home theater system, in situations where the unit needs to be tucked away in a cabinet. Buy with confidence and enjoy.

  8. Greg Czarneckki (verified owner)

    Break in time is important. After approximately 100 hours musical detail and soundstage opened for performace that exceeds my previous Stereophile class A amplifier. Dynamic and delicate are perhaps a worthy description.

  9. Robert Segal (verified owner)

    Best $1,000 I’ve spent in audio. Drives all of my speakers with ease, authority and clarity!

  10. Matt

    I was a bit hesitant to order from VTV given some of their previous quality issues documented in several forums. I decided to give it a try given the 30-day return policy and had my EVAL-1 within a week of ordering.

    The build quality was perfect and the amp sounds fantastic in my 2-channel set up. Additionally, I had several questions which Warren answered almost immediately via email. I would not hesitate to order from here again.

  11. Bob G (verified owner)

    Very Happy – I haven’t had a system in decades and finally decided to jump on the streaming bandwagon. I can’t compare to other systems but I find the Bluesound Node, Tidal, to this amp to Elac Reference 62 speakers wonderful. I’m listening to Detroit bands from the 60s, jazz, all kinds of music. Great quality all in a very compact setup. I was concerned about going with a small company but small is good – Warren is helpful and everything arrived in perfect condition. Small allows one to one contact which is lost with mega companies. Thank you for a fine sounding product. Btw, I just didn’t feel the need to get past the Eval version, it’s what the amp designer came up with, certainly plenty good for me.

  12. mn (verified owner)

    to my ears this was slightly more fleshy and musical than another highly respected amp with same power but 4x price. i am tube guy (in general) so keeping a SS amp in my main system is something that never happens. anyway, its been in the main system now for 3 months and i have not bothered to re-introduce the tube amps. great amp that can drive difficult speakers quite easily. may splurge for the mono block next.

  13. Oleg (verified owner)

    The amplifier sounds good, powerful and transparent. Has a very wide stage.
    It has a very reasonable price for its quality.
    I also had the opportunity to compare with the amplifier on the ncore nc252mp module. Having a good DAC connected directly, there is a difference between Purifi and nc252mp. Honestly, I did not expect to hear the difference. But she is for Purifi. It has a richer “texture” of sound. A little more small details. But this is noticeable only when working with a DAC. But if you use a pre-top AV receiver for the sound source, then there is not much difference in sound between Purifi and Nсore. In this case, only the power of Purifi was stronger and about the same sound.
    Thank you VTV for this amplifier!!!

  14. Gary (verified owner)

    Simply an outstanding amp that took my system to a new and unprecedented level. For 30 years I have owned my power hungry (86db sensitivity), full range (25Hz-40KHz) Energy Pro 22 Reference Connoisseur’s (circa mid 80’s to early 90s when they were still made in Canada). I have tried several different amps with these speakers. They have never sounded better than when paired with this amp.

    I ordered this amp from Canada and had it within 10 days. For those looking at this from Canada it cost (within a few dollars) $1530.00 CDN to get it to my door all in including cost of amp, shipping, UPS brokerage fees and tax. This to me is an end game power amp. To improve from where this took my system I would have to go into 5 digit expenditure. Kudos to Warren for the quality build and great customer service. My highest recommendation to both the amp and the company.

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