VTV AMPLIFIER Monoblock Hypex NC1200 NCore Amplifier 1200W with Buffer Options

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Monoblock VTV Amplifier with Hypex NC1200 module  and multiple input buffer options

ASSEMBLED in the USA — Two Year Warranty — 30 Day Trial

Prompt Support from the USA

NC1200 Datasheet Here

SMSP1200A700 Datasheet Here

VTV NCore Manual here

Amplifier Features:
—Hypex SMPS1200A700 power supply
—fully balanced design
—EMI/RFI filtered AC inlet
—Hypex NCore high-end input cable
—Heavy, custom designed aluminum case with blue LED pilot.  (LED may be dimmed or shut-off by switch)
—Custom input buffer offers substantial improvement over stock Hypex module

The VTV Buffer option:

SPARKOS LABS SS78 & SS79 DISCRETE VOLTAGE REGULATORS provide power to the Op Amps and amplifier module.   The Sparkos Labs SS78 and SS79 Discrete Voltage Regulators bring ultra low noise and fast transient response to VTV input buffer board. Customers notice low level listening ability, far superior 3D soundstage and high frequency details.  The VTV Custom buffer accepts industry leading discrete opamps from Sparkos, Sonic Imagery and Weiss—-all in stock and available at VTV. 
—Unit is shipped with 7db buffer gain….factory 14db gain can be set with jumper
–12″W x 13″D (not including speaker posts) x 4″H 13.5lbs
Contact me with custom options:  I can build mono or stereo amplifiers for you with almost all Hypex NCore modules.  These can be configured as mono blocks or even four channel (using two NC502MP modules)

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Input Buffer

No external buffer, utilize NC1200 onboard buffer, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/o OpAmp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ Sparkos Labs SS3602, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ PR Sparkos Labs SS2590 Pro Opamp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ PR Sonic Imagery Labs 995FET Pro Opamp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ PR Sonic Imagery Labs 990EnH-Ticha Pro Opamp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ Sonic Imagery Labs 994EnH-Ticha Pro Opamp, VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer w/ PR Weiss OP2-BA Opamp

12V Trigger


Speaker Terminal Option

Binding Posts, SPEAKON Connectors, WBT-0702 Topline, WBT-0703-Cu

1 review for VTV AMPLIFIER Monoblock Hypex NC1200 NCore Amplifier 1200W with Buffer Options

  1. Jay

    In summary VTV delivers an outstanding product. Purchased a stereo pair of the Monoblock Hypex NC1200 NCore amplifiers, using the stock input stage, in the larger case. This was the best option for me because I have a tube preamplifier and wished to retain more of its character in the signal chain of my system. I have the option to upgrade down the line if my system changes simply by adding VTV input stage options. The owner worked with me through e-mail exchanges and telephone conversations to arrive at this solution. Service before and after sale is second to none in hi fi. I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in the purchase. The end-result is a customized product with a high-end feel in fit and finish. Moreover, these are the best sounding amplifiers I’ve ever put into my system. They are highly resolving and responsive to the signal passed on by my front-end system components – exactly what I needed. I’m very pleased so far and the warranty term (along with the responsiveness I’ve received) gives me peace of mind. I will be a repeat customer. VTV gets my recommendation.

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