VTV Class D Blog

There are so many new things in the works that we thought a blog could keep everyone up to date. Occasionally we get interesting questions that may help others so these may find their way here as well….stay tuned…lots to follow, hopefully interesting!

More Nilai here and on the way

The Nilai kits have been so popular, we sold out of most models.  We will have more here in May but we did just receive more preamplifiers

Announcing Hypex Nilai DIY Kits—-now available!

We realize that for some more than half the fun is building the product….and Hypex is here to help!   The Nilai is Hypex’s cutting edge technology for DIY Class D amps.  The successor to the classic NC400 is now here in mono and stereo kit form. In...

Tube Buffer for the Purifi 1ET-7040SA High Power Module

We are excited to release VTV Tube Buffer for the Purifi 1ET-7040SA high power module. Music sounds smooth, open and natural through the combination of the 1ET-7040SA and VTV tube buffer.  We have many discrete opamps to choose from when ordering.  Enhancements to the...

Winter Break shutdown January 2-20

We are taking a three week break in January  2022 was an extremely busy year for us and we are looking forward to more of the same in 2023 with new offerings in the pipeline!

VTV GaN Amplifier

There is a lot of excitement around the use of GaNFET based Class D amps. Now we have an amplifier option that combines a GaNFET output stage with an all DIGITAL architecture. This means that PCM is directly converted by software to PWM and delivered to the GaNFET...

New Hypex NCx500OEM

We received two new Hyoex NCx500OEM modules and have been really excited to try them. The new Hypex NCx500module has its own buffer featuring the TI1612OPA opamp. In addition you can see the high performance voltage regulators Hypex includes as standard equipment. It...