Purifi 1ET7040SA
High Power Module

We are excited to offer the Purifi 1ET7040SA module, the latest from Purifi.  Our tests indicate sonic improvements and an increased ability to drive complex and low-impedance loads.  It has a 40A current capacity v. 25A for the 1ET400A and provides 2X output power for each halving of impedance down to almost 2 ohms where the PS is the limiting factor.  Our Audio Precision AP system attests to its outstanding performance specifications.

As important, the sound is outstanding, with lots of headroom on peaks, wide and transparent soundstage, and solid well-defined bass, improved over the 1ET400A.

Working closely with Sparkos Labs, we developed our VTV Purifi Pure Sound buffer to power the new Purifi module.  You can use all of our available discrete OPAMPS in our buffer to tailor the sound.